5 Cat Toys You Need To Buy

cattoysFeel disconnected with your little best friend? Looking for your next awesome cat-ccessory? We have you covered. We roamed the vast expanses of online cat stores and found these 5 best cat toys for you to buy! If you’re looking for toys for other small animals, such as ferrets, we’d suggest Pet Territory’s ferret page. Here we go:

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Mice Cat Toy

Starting out small and strong, these $2 pack of three stuffed mice are perfect for your cats to nibble on. And they are laced with catnip, for that extra burst of energy from your cat. Stay assured, the catnip is chemical and pesticide free, so your cats will be fine as they claw and scratch into their foes.

Lion Mane Cat Costume

For a mere $14, you can convert your house cat, who till date has not done anything really brave, into a ferocious beast of a lion. Or look like it. These kitty-kosplay furs are perfect for most house cats, with sure-grip Velcro which will keep the mane in place as your lion runs around conquering and being majestic.

Cute Grey Shark Round House for Cats

You and your cat have now conquered the jungle, but what about the sea? Shark Cat House. Give your cat an aquatic themed house, good for any pet upto 40kgs, with self-warming material that radiates heat back to your cat. It is extra filled for extra comfort, like a pillow encasing your cat as they rest. It is a pretty place for your purry predator.

Lightweight Collapsible Cat Fun Tunnel

Conquering land and sea take time and effort, and your cat needs to be in top form. So we have a cat funnel. A $14 training/fun tunnel, will help prepare your cat to remain an apex predator. Play some motivational cat music, get your cat headbands and cat armbands out, and start your timed laps folks. Winners do not rest. Go out there and achieve your dreams. This Cat-lympics is yours. Or, you know, have fun chasing your cat through its tunnels. Either works.

73″ Cat Tree Scratcher Play House

And now, the ultimate buy. A $55 73’’ Cat PlayHouse + Scratcher. A monument of affection, for your loveliest little feline. It has 5 levels at increasing elevations, within reach for a jump each. It has two tiny cat houses, along the levels, with a track going from level 1 to 3. There are 4 structural support poles, made of compressed wood, which are also scratching posts. The structure is dense and sturdy, so even the heavier cats can get around without tipping it over. The top two levels are just podiums for your cats to lounge at and survey their land. It is perfect for your cat’s exercise and relaxation, and gives them a better option to scratch than the drapes or couch. It is very positively reviewed and it is easy to set up, so you are in good company with the people who will help you out if you are stuck. Great product all round.

And there you have it. The 5 Best Cat Toys to buy next for your lovely little feline friends. Check back here for more.