Best Cat Trees the Best on the Market

cattreeMost cat owners are known to spoil their pets. One of the best ways for one to spoil their little feline friends is by getting them a cat tree. This is a very effective way that one may use to satisfy their cat’s curiosity and at the same time help to keep them in shape.

A cat tree is not necessarily a tree but it is a sort of furniture that is most of the time shaped as a tree that has very many levels. These levels can be designed in such a way that they appear like branches thus the name, cat tree. The surface of this cat furniture is mostly covered with acrylic material so as to be easy for the cats to grip on to it well. The cat trees are found in very many designs and colors. When going to shop for one, it is not difficult to find one that would fit your home décor and at the same time be of use to your cat. The cats most of the time use the tree for scratching which means having one would save the owner’s furniture and other accessories that the cat may be using for scratching before getting its tree.

This article will cover a number of the best cat trees that are available in the market at the moment.

Craftsman Series Combo Scratching Platform Wood 23″ x 10″ x 2″ – 15″

This type of cat tree is angled more in a flat position which works well as it fits most cat preferences. It is made of wood that is decorated and painted. The color will vary with each person’s liking. The floor of this furniture is protected. It has non-slip padded floors which are easy for the cat to grip. For a person who does wants a simple type of cat tree that does not add to much detail to their home, then this is the most ultimate option for them. This cat tree can be found in any pet store or any cat accessory store at about $54.99.

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height -50-Inch to 60-Inch

This is a very good unit that is perfect for sleeping, climbing, exercising and scratching. The material that is used in making this is pressed wood and covering it with faux fleece. When you buy this, it comes with an instruction manual, a ramp and a few toys. It is very easy to assemble this tree following the instructions given and it takes one about ten to fifteen minutes. The tree is very sturdy meaning that the cat can jump around it, play with the toys and exercise without it falling or injuring the cat in any way. This is a perfect option for one who wants the extra house section that the tree comes with where the cat can sleep in. the pricing is about $61.00 in most pet stores.

Kitten around Medium 43.5-inch Cat Tree

This tree is designed in such a way that it has platform levels. It has two big nests on each side where your cat can curl and rest comfortably. The tree is covered by fabric which is glued to it using non-toxic fabric glue thus cannot affect the cat. The posts of this tree are wrapped in sisal rope which is very strong and can hold extreme scratching from your pet. The base of this tree is very sturdy making it perfect for bigger cats. This can be found in pet accessory stores or cat stores at around $75.